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TESLA PureStar E40 - cordless & handheld vacuum cleaner with cyclone technology

TESLA PureStar E40 - tyčový ruční vysavač s cyklónovou technologií

powerful brushless electric motor, motorized turbo brushes, 1 liter dirt container, LED light, operating time 35 minutes, power 220 W, noise level 69 dB, rich accessories 

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    Product details

    Discover the new TESLA PureStar E40 and choose the comfort provided by a powerful yet quiet second-generation electric motor. When cleaning, you don't have to plug it into a socket or trip over a tangled cable. A removable powerful hand vacuum cleaner will help you clean the interior of the car, as well as the sofa in the living room.

    Bagless cleaning with cyclone filter technology

    The dirt sucked in by the vacuum cleaner goes directly into the dirt container, so you don't have to wait for the dust bags to be replaced. After vacuuming, the container can be simply washed with water and prepared for further use.

    Cyclone filtration technology provides a high suction power, during which the air inside the vacuum cleaner rotates continuously and thus separates air and impurities. Together with the subsequent filtration using the output HEPA filter, this results in a higher quality of filtration than with classic vacuum cleaners.

    Powerful digitally controlled motor of the second generation

    It is equipped with a brushless DC digital motor of the second generation, which provides higher speed, less noise and extends the life of the vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner has two speed settings, Standard and Turbo.

    LED light

    It is equipped with a motorized turbo brush with LED lighting, which will help you better clean dark places, for example under the sofa.

    Thorough cleaning

    Flexible attachment system allows turning up to 180° to the side for easier movement in corners and hard-to-reach places.

    Ideal quick cleaning for removing animal hair

    A powerful motorized turbo brush will help you remove animal fur. And if the situation requires it, it is enough to quickly replace it with a mini turbo rotary upholstery brush and also clean the seat.

    Large container for dirt with easy cleaning

    The volume of the dirt container is one liter, which significantly reduces the frequency of its emptying. Disposal of impurities is hygienic and fast. Just press one button and the dirt is dumped directly into the bin without the need to touch it.

    Abundant accessories

    In the package you will get a motorized turbo rotary brush for floors and carpets, a motorized mini turbo rotary brush for upholstery, a 2-in-1 brush, a long crevice tube, a small crevice tube, a sofa brush and a wall holder.

    • ideal for cleaning all types of surfaces and animal hair
    • powerful, electronically controlled brushless electric motor
    • higher speed, less noise and longer lifetime of the vacuum cleaner
    • high vacuuming efficiency
    • motorized turbo brush for floors and carpets
    • motorized mini turbo electric rotary brush for upholstery
    • two levels of suction power (Standard/Turbo)
    • easy emptying of the dirt container
    • water-washable dirt container
    • water washable HEPA filter
    • water washable stainless steel primary filter
    • cyclone filter system
    • easy removal and cleaning of the turbo rotary brush
    • LEDs illuminating the floor
    • large control buttons
    • two charging ports
    • light signaling of operation and charging
    • ergonomic design with long aluminum tube
    • rich accessories in the package
    • TESLA professional warranty and post-warranty service


    • container for dirt with a volume of 1 liter
    • replaceable Li-Ion battery 2 200 mAh
    • battery voltage 22.2 V
    • power 220 W
    • operating time up to 35 minutes
    • noise level 69 dB
    • charging time

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