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TESLA PowerStar GT400 - bagless vacuum cleaner and steam mop

TESLA PowerStar GT400 - bezsáčkový tyčový vysavač a parní mop

3 in 1: vacuum cleaner/steam mop/vacuum cleaner and steam mop, vacuums and disinfects all types of floors, bagless operation of the vacuum cleaner, HEPA filter, cyclone filter system, touch control panel, power 1,600 W, power supply 230 

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    Product details

    • 3in1: vacuum cleaner, steam mop, vacuum cleaner and steam mop
    • cleaning without swirling dust
    • kills up to 99.9% of viruses and bacteria
    • touch control panel
    • safe use on all types of sealed floor surfaces


    Deep and ecological cleaning
    The TESLA PowerStar GT400 steam mop brings a new way of cleaning. The combination of vacuuming and the use of hot steam at the same time guarantees a thorough cleaning and at the same time saves you time and money. You no longer need to use floor preparations or other detergents. Clean water will deal with the dirt and the cleaning will be ecological and your household will remain chemical-free.


    Practical switching between steam mop and vacuuming
    A simple control panel located on the handle of the device allows you to control the strength of the steam mode using the MIN and MAX buttons according to the intensity of soiling.


    Helper for floors and carpets
    If you just need to quickly clean up the crumbs after breakfast, just use the vacuuming mode. For more thorough cleaning, simply switch between vacuuming and steam mop or use both modes at the same time. TESLA PoweStar GT400 will serve you on paving, wooden or floating floors, and linoleum. After deploying the glider for carpet cleaning, you can also use the vacuum cleaner and steam cleaner to clean carpets.


    Eliminates up to 99% of viruses and bacteria
    Do you have small children or do you own pets? Then you will definitely appreciate the PowerStar GT400's ability to destroy up to 99% of all viruses and bacteria through hot steam. Just press the button and the steam mop will heat up to the desired temperature within 25 seconds. The Steam Ready indicator on the handle lets you know when you can start cleaning. The result will be clean and disinfected floors.


    Easy maintenance
    The package includes two mops made of efficient and absorbent microfiber. After use, simply remove the mop and wash it in soapy water. The PowerStar GT400 does not use bags, so you simply empty the dirt container. The water container can be removed and washed with soapy water. The built-in water filter can deal with minerals and dirt from the water.



    • powerful bagless stick vacuum cleaner and steam mop in one device
    • cleans and disinfects hard floors and carpets (tiling, wooden floor, floating floor, linoleum, carpet), etc.
    • steam breaks down impurities, dirt and bacteria
    • 3 modes of use: vacuuming only, steam mop only, vacuuming + steam mop + wiping at the same time
    • possibility of regulating the intensity of released steam in two steps
    • heats steam to operating temperature very quickly
    • bagless operation of the vacuum cleaner
    • easy maintenance
    • HEPA filter
    • cyclone filter system
    • water-washable dirt container and filter
    • replaceable water filter to remove minerals and impurities
    • three-layer microfiber mop cloth
    • TESLA professional warranty and post-warranty service




    • power 1,600 W
    • power supply 230 V
    • length of power cable 8 meters
    • noise 80 db
    • steam pressure 2.8 bar
    • water tank volume 450 ml
    • dimensions 117 x 28 x 26 cm
    • weight 5.3 kg



    Package includes

    • TESLA PowerStar GT400 - bagless stick vacuum cleaner and steam mop
    • microfibre mopping cloth, 2 pcs
    • user manual

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