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TESLA CABLE HDMI 4K 2.0 cable 1,2m

TESLA CABLE HDMI 4K 2.0 cable 1,2m


Ultra HD 4K support • gold-plated connectors • Dolby Vision HDR support • nylon braid 

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24 Month
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    Product details

    HDMI connection cable with & nbsp; 4K resolution support for connecting two devices, such as a TV, monitor, DVD / BlueRay player or game console.

    Perfect 4K image

    Enjoy a razor-sharp image. TESLA CABLE HDMI 4K supports Dolby Vision HDR technology, bit rate up to 18Gbps and Ultra HD resolution, which represents 3840 × 2160 pixels at 60 Hz. You'll therefore have an excellent experience watching movies, series or games.

    Quality in first place

    The cable is made of & nbsp; quality materials. Outer nylon braid, sturdy terminals, copper core and gold-plated connectors ensure long life.

    • Ultra HD 4K (3840 × 2160 pixels) support for perfectly sharp images
    • HDR Dolby Vision (High Dynamic Range) support for better viewing of very light and dark parts of the image at the same time
    • ARC support
    • Long-lasting protective nylon cable braid
    • robust terminals
    • full core
    • gold-plated connectors
    • modern design


    • HDMI High Speed ??2.0 version
    • Ultra HD 4K × 2K @ 60Hz 2160p (3840 × 2160)
    • HDMI type A male / HDMI type A male connectors
    • baud rate up to 18Gbps
    • cable color black
    • length 1.2 m
    • Weight 78 g

    Package includes

    • TESLA CABLE HDMI 4K, cable

    Product manager:

    Martin Hromjak,  PODPORA@INTER-SAT.CZ

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