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TESLA AirCook Q50 XL - multifunctional digital hot air fryer (white colour)

TESLA AirCook Q50 XL - multifunkční digitální horkovzdušná fritéza (bílá barva)

Příkon 1 800 W • volume 6 liters • touch LCD display • 8 programs with Heat2Flow technology • 60 minute timer with automatic shut-off • colorful kitchen cooker in package 

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    Product details

    Prepare your favorite fried foods in a healthier way!

    Do you like fried foods but are afraid that they are unhealthy? With the TESLA hot air fryer, you no longer have to deal with unhealthy burnt oils or food soaked in fat. The result is your fries, chicken or rice prepared the way you like them - crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.
    Reduce calories, fat and carcinogens by eating healthier. The new TESLA deep fryer for preparing crispy and delicious dishes with a minimum of oil or without oil at all.

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    Up to 85% less fat - Heat2Flow technology

    Your meals prepared with the innovative Heat2Flow dynamic hot air technology will contain up to 85% less fat than classic fried meals.

    Digital touch control panel

    On the digital display, you can manually set the desired cooking time and temperature or choose from preset programs such as fries, meat, poultry or fish.

    Large clear display

    You can monitor the remaining cooking time on the large LCD digital display. After the heating is completed, the device switches off automatically.

    Convenient maintenance

    The inner basket and container are made of non-stick material, which is harmless to health and can be washed in the dishwasher.

    • simple and convenient operation
    • 8 programs with preset temperature and heating time
    • possibility of manually adjusting the temperature and duration of food heating
    • innovative technology of dynamic flow of warm air Heat2Flow
    • quick heating to the ideal temperature
    • 60 minute timer with automatic shutdown and sound signal
    • ideal for quickly reheating food
    • automatic heating recovery
    • heating pause
    • protection against overheating
    • automatic disconnection of the power supply if the basket is not fully inserted into the body of the appliance
    • non-slip rubber feet
    • protective metal grid preventing contact of the thermal spiral with food intended for heating
    • non-stick surface guarantees easy cleaning
    • removable parts can be washed safely in the dishwasher
    • practical printed color cookbook with recipes in the package
    • TESLA professional warranty and post-warranty service


    • volume 6 liters
    • power 1 800 W
    • heating temperature 80°C - 200°C
    • heating timer up to 60 minutes
    • power supply 220 - 240 V ~ 50/60 Hz
    • dimensions 30.5 x 39 x 36 cm
    • weight 5.5 kg

    Package includes

    • TESLA AirCook Q50 XL
    • color printed cookbook with recipes
    • user manual

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