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Mini HDMI connector to HDMI jack

3.00 EUR 

inc. VAT


Amika remote control for Alien 8900

10.45 EUR 

inc. VAT


5 mm coaxial cable with copper core for internal wiring-the most common cable composition in the interior. Convenient two-core cable-saves both time and money. Coil on a plastic drum.

82.65 EUR 

inc. VAT


Kombi coaxial cable Zircon CU 125 AL + UTP 5e CU-coil 100 m

73.94 EUR 

inc. VAT


AMIKO Wallmaster 23-55 FIX držák TV

20.00 EUR 

inc. VAT


AMIKO Wallmaster 23-55 Tilt držák TV

25.00 EUR 

inc. VAT


Zircon F fast connector

0.90 EUR 

inc. VAT


Chromecast support • Android TV™ - Google certification • Ultra HD 4K player • compact dimensions - can be placed behind the TV

76.59 EUR 

inc. VAT


PPC universal compression pliers VT150F/IEC

35.00 EUR 

inc. VAT

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