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ZIRCON DVB-T2 receiver T3000HD USB PVR Plustelka




ZIRCON DVB-T2 receiver T3000HD USB PVR Plustelka






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Producer ZIRCON 
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Digital terrestrial receiver with Irdeto encryption support. Suitable for reception of pay-TV services.


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Product details


Description of product:

Multimedia Set-top box to receive digital terrestrial TV with recording function PVR , Timeshift kryptovacím system with integrated Irdeto , suitable for reception of Pay TV Plustelka .
In addition to receiving free broadcast DVB-T and T2 channel receiver supports decryption system Irdeto encrypted channels . With this device , therefore you will be able to receive pay channels providers who use a coding system Irdeto .
Big, beautiful-to-operate remote control with large buttons will become a pleasant companion .

Technical parameters :
-DVB-T receiving standard in MPEG2/MPEG4 H 264
-FTA (Free-To-Air ) and Pay TV with Irdeto encryption
-1000 TV and radio presets
-Automatic and manual tuning
-PVR recording on USB disk with support for Timeshift
-OSD menu
-Czech menu and EPG
-Format 4:3/16:9
-List of favorite channels
-Subtitle support
-1x SCART connector
-HDMI connector with support for 1080p
-1x IEC outlet
-Parental Control
-Timer 10 events
-Supports MP3, JPEG, AVI
-Support for external antenna 5V power supply
-USB to update firmware
-Update firmware from OTA
-Consumption: 8W max, standby 2W
-Dimensions:? x? x? mm
-Package Weight: 0.3kg

In the event of a claim on which the device is active Plustelka paid package, the package will be extended to the end user for a period during which the receiver is serviced.
In the case of device replacement service will be paid package transferred to the new receiver.
-Receiver Weight: 0,3 kg

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Product manager:

Petr Pilát,






Návod k obsluze:  manual A5 Zircon T3000HD SK.pdf



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