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TFF Triax 01 optical coupler

10.59 EUR 

inc. VAT


Triax Adapter FC/PC-FC/PC

1.34 EUR 

inc. VAT


ALMA remote control T1000/Optibox 7050

1.33 EUR 

inc. VAT


Triax terminator F-R75

0.94 EUR 

inc. VAT


Cartridge Twin DVB-T headend CSE 6,8,12

329.31 EUR 

inc. VAT


Cabinet Headends CSE 6,8,12

319.22 EUR 

inc. VAT


Triax TOS 04 4x optical splitter

63.69 EUR 

inc. VAT


Triax TVQ 04 optical converter for Quattro

123.25 EUR 

inc. VAT


GE energy-saving bulb E27 230V 15W 805lm 2700K

5.46 EUR 

inc. VAT


GE energy-saving bulb E27 230V 20W 1152lm 2700K

5.46 EUR 

inc. VAT


GE energy-saving bulb E14 7W 310lm 2700K 230V

2.71 EUR 

inc. VAT


GE energy-saving bulb E27 7W 230V 2700K 300L

2.71 EUR 

inc. VAT


GE energy-saving bulb E14 7W 120lm 2700K 230V

4.08 EUR 

inc. VAT


Tungsram Light bulb 12V 55W-SuperBlue

3.44 EUR 

inc. VAT


Remote control Topfield 7710HD silver

14.03 EUR 

inc. VAT


Line Preamp 2 Channel 26 dB (K27 56)

16.38 EUR 

inc. VAT


OEM HDD installation set for Zircon Twin/Twin Prestige

7.58 EUR 

inc. VAT


OEM line amplifier 23-69k 16 db below the screws with odl 422 463MHz

10.50 EUR 

inc. VAT


Sandberg převodník VGA+Audio na HDMI

50.45 EUR 

inc. VAT


OPTIBOX EVO Xfinity-XBMC, Android and T2/C Receiver

75.79 EUR 

inc. VAT

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