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2v1-exudes and wipes with water, high suction power suitable for animal hair cleaning, charging station, remote control, HEPA filtration

168.98 EUR 

inc. VAT


Participant socket TV + R + SAT continuous with 10 dB junction attenuation.

5.35 EUR 

inc. VAT


ALMA remote control for T1600

3.30 EUR 

inc. VAT


Triax TOU UK STD 2-R TV socket cover white

0.37 EUR 

inc. VAT


Multifocus to 2 LNBs PVC

0.96 EUR 

inc. VAT


ALMA remote control for S2220/2230 and Amiko 570/580

6.35 EUR 

inc. VAT


AMIKO DiSEqC 2/1 outdoor

3.43 EUR 

inc. VAT


Full HD digital T2 terrestrial/cable receiver with integrated Conax card reader.

39.60 EUR 

inc. VAT


FTE Continuous Preamplifier UHF M 1000 LTE

27.08 EUR 

inc. VAT


ALMA remote control for T1600

2.12 EUR 

inc. VAT


Topfield TF Remote Control 6000CR (4000T)

6.16 EUR 

inc. VAT


Brilum LED bulb GU10 2.4W 4000K 410cd 230V Cool White

1.27 EUR 

inc. VAT


Triax hub TDP-7

5.47 EUR 

inc. VAT


Remote control Topfield TF 7710HD Black

19.21 EUR 

inc. VAT


2v1 - vyluxuje i vytře vodou, vysoký sací výkon vhodný pro úklid zvířecích chlupů, nabíjecí stanice, dálkové ovládání, HEPA filtrace

163.05 EUR 

inc. VAT


OPTIBOX EVO ENfinity X2+ (S2+S2) satelitní přijímač

88.51 EUR 

inc. VAT


Mount the antenna on the balcony with a working height of 40 cm 50 cm

10.78 EUR 

inc. VAT


MAXIMUM DVB-T Internal Active Antenna DA-1600 17 dB LTE Ready

28.78 EUR 

inc. VAT


VU + Solo SE v.2, Enigma satellite receiver, white

257.41 EUR 

inc. VAT


Outdoor amplifier Terra AB011 L designed for mounting on a mast with a gain of 26 dB across the UHF band (470-790 MHz).

23.52 EUR 

inc. VAT

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