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Power amplifier with two UHF (470-790 MHz) and LTE filters.

21.69 EUR 

inc. VAT


Micro house amplifier with excellent parameters, one input and SAW filter. Class A.

29.33 EUR 

inc. VAT


Amplifier power supply (AM) at 12V. It has an integrated power supply and an output broadband hub.

16.15 EUR 

inc. VAT


The CA-210 is used as a distribution device in small or private installations. Separate gain setting for VHF and UHF bands. 1x entrance, 2x outlet. Gain up to 25 dB.

30.00 EUR 

inc. VAT


Výkonový zesilovač s jedním vstupem UHF a LTE filtrem vč. krabičky. Zesílení 35 dB.

15.22 EUR 

inc. VAT


Wideband amplifier with up to 25 dB Alcad CA-215 gain for VHF/UHF (40-862 MHz) bands with integrated source and independent gain control for each band. 12V preamplifiers possible.

27.37 EUR 

inc. VAT


Amplifier for VHF/UHF band with maximum gain of 28 dB, 2 UHF and 1 VHF inputs.

21.16 EUR 

inc. VAT


Broadband amplifier for VHF/UHF bands with independent gain control for each band. 1x entrance, 2x outlet. Gain up to 14 dB (VHF) and 24 dB (UHF)

23.08 EUR 

inc. VAT


FTE Amplifier AMC 210 2VHF/3UHF 26 dB

25.76 EUR 

inc. VAT


Domestic end amplifier with UHF and VHF/DAB input with LTE filter. Possibility to power pre-amplifiers via UHF inputs.

53.36 EUR 

inc. VAT


Amplifier for VHF/UHF. It is suitable for use as a residential amplifier in cable distribution systems. The amplifier has a 5-65 MHz reverse channel. 1x entrance, 2x outlet. Gain up to 25 dB.

23.35 EUR 

inc. VAT


ITS Amplifier AM 313 L with LTE filter

24.39 EUR 

inc. VAT


Power amplifier with three inputs and VHF to UHF + UHF + SAT combiner.

19.03 EUR 

inc. VAT


Compact size home amplifier with excellent parameters. 2 inputs (VHF + UHF) 1 output.

34.15 EUR 

inc. VAT


Domestic end amplifier with one UHF and one VHF/DAB input and LTE filter. One output F. Has an SAW filter.

91.50 EUR 

inc. VAT


SYNAPS 2xVHF/UHF 24 dB amplifier with LTE filters

21.82 EUR 

inc. VAT


SYNAPS 3xUHF 21 dB amplifier with LTE filters

25.13 EUR 

inc. VAT


Home end amplifier with two UHF inputs and one VHF/DAB and LTE filter.

55.38 EUR 

inc. VAT


The FTE LG 224 LTE filter is designed for use in small home cabinets. 1x VHF/UHF input, 1x output, gain 22 dB.

17.40 EUR 

inc. VAT


FTE Amplifier AMC 109 LTEVHF/UHF

18.66 EUR 

inc. VAT

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